This application provides the ability to import and convert pages from GitHub to XWiki with various options. The following form provides the options to import the pages. More details on this extension and its usage are available on the Extension Page on XWiki Extensions Wiki.

Importer Options

This can be URL or a local File/Directory path. (Note: Internet access is required for URL source).
URL to a git repository. (e.g.
All of the imported pages will be created under this parent page.
(Required for private repository) This can be a Personal Access Token, Client Secret (OAuth), or Username to be used for authentication. Personal Access Token is recommended, see Creating a personal access token page on GitHub Docs.
(Required with username only) The password of the user.
Imported pages will be converted to the default page syntax (see the Syntaxes section in the Administration).
Organize the imported pages hierarchically, following the heading levels defined in the GitHub Pages Sidebar (if it exists).

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